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Forced Air Performance Turbocharger Systems and Component's

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We would like to thank everyone who has purchased a manifold from us whether it was for a Honda/Dodge/GM /Nissan/Mazda/Mitsubishi just about any vehicle imaginable. Countless people just called to ask questions and we were able to help in some way. All of the pleasant comments we are receiving about our manifolds make worthwhile all the time and effort we put into each custom manifold. When we started making manifolds, our main goal was to provide a cost_effective quality manifold for anyone who wanted to turbocharge their vehicle, assembled the way the customer needs it to be. They are not made like other manifolds, with only one basic design. Our designs work around your needs.Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments we ar always happy to help or answer any question you may have.

Thank you, everyone!

Connie & Robert


Turbo Manifold End Of Year 2012 Sale Price's

Domestic or Import 4 Cylinder Application     $ 189.99

 Domestic or Import 6 Cylinder Application      $ 209.99 

Domestic or Import V-6 Cylinder Single Turbo $ 299.99

Domestic or Import V 6 Cylinder Twin Turbo   $ 299.99

Domestic or Import V-8 Cylinder Single Turbo $ 329.99

Domestic or Import V-8 Cylinder Twin Turbo   $ 329.99

All our Turbo Manifolds can have a flange attached at no additional charge .in order to use an external waste ,we just require the information reguarding the waste gate you intend to use so we can ensure the correct flange is attached and in the proper location so not to interfear with anything

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A few of our project vehicles



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If you have been directed here from our auctions on E Bay, please feel free to ask any questions you may have. We are here to answer questions and help in any way we can to achieve your goal of installing a turbo on your car.

The average price that a commercial turbo manifold is selling for is unbelievable these days. The manifold is an expensive part to acquire for a lot of vehicles, typically ranging in price from $250.00 to $700.00 depending on the engine and vehicle.However it seems the more common is an engine or vehicle, the cheaper is the manifold. Not everyone has a common engine or vehicle. What other option is there?

We make custom turbo manifolds, so anyone can afford to turbocharge their car, no matter what they drive. I try to concentrate on the uncommon, and at times less popular, engines like the Honda F series, the Neon and Eclipse 420A DOHC and SOHC. I even have a customer who has a Chevrolet Chevette he is turbocharging we now provide cylinder head porting and polishing for turbocharged engine's as well as naturally aspirated (NA) engine's. Also,we can perform a basic gasket match of the port's or a more extensive race porting service.

The average port match for a 4-cylinder head (2- or 4- valve per cylinder head) is $120.00 USD,and race port on a 2-valve per cylinder, 4-cylinder head is $225 USD and $310.00 USD on a 4-valve per cylinder head. this involves removal of the valve's and porting in the bowl area's we replace the valve stem seal's during reassembly. we also offer package deals on cylinder head and intake/exhaust manifold gasket Match Porting and full race porting of the cylinder head the intake and exhaust manifold's.

Just e-mail or call for more information on what is actually going to be done and for multiple-component porting package price's.

So remember, no matter what you have, it is possible to assemble a system for your vehicle and turbo combination. I will be happy to make your manifold. The price for any four cylinder manifold is $199.99 plus shipping. No matter what you have, the price is the same!

Call us when you are ready, and we will help you get the project moving in the right direction.

To the right and above are a few photos of a T3/T4 garrett Turbocharger and Tial external wastegate setup that I commonly use on my vehicles. I achieve substantial Horsepower level's nearing the 500HP range. This type of turbo and external wastegate combination is an expensive way of assembling a Turbocharger system.


The average engine you want to turbocharge will have stock factory internal parts, and will not be able to handle the boost levels this Turbocharger will produce. A smaller, less expensive Turbocharger such as a Garrett T3, will produce more than enough boost to achieve your Horsepower goals.

Turbo's are rated two ways:

Pounds of air per Square Inch = PSI, and the actual air flow it produce'ss (or move's) measured as CFM = Cubic Feet of air per Minute.

The T3/T4 turbo shown produce's 900CFM and is capeable of moving 58 pou[n]nds of air per minute at 15 PSI the smaller average T3 turbo produces about 400 _ 450 CFM at the same rathed 15PSI, and is capeable of moving about 25_29 pounds of air per minute. There is a large difference in size and price between these two turbo's. You will want to match the turbo you decide to use, to your engine's capeability to handle what the turbo will deliver. There are more variables involved in matching a turbo to an engine, but these are a couple of the main area's you will want to start at.

Send us an e-mail, stating your equipment on hand and your goals. We will help you gather all the parts you will need to put together a quality, dependable turbo system on your vehicle.

Thank You for visiting and

Keep the Turbo's spooled up !


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Pictured above is a Turbonetics T3/T4 Turbocharger.

This is basically 2 type's of turbos combined into one unit, which is commonly referred to as a HYBRID. These are commonly used on smaller size engines where a lot of added power is desired (boost psi = pounds per square inch and air flow cfm = cubic feet per minute). This, and other turbo types, will be explained in another section.



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We do suggest that anyone attempting to perform any modifications to their vehicle make sure they take the proper precautions to ensure their own safety as well as the safety of others involved.

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Manifolds are specially made each and every time, therefore we do not offer refunds. We will modify or fix any problems you may have. Buyers that purchase items using a credit card through paypal, give up all rights to chargebacks. Any customer that violates this will be prosecuted under full extent of the law, and will be responsible for any legal fees associated with it.