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Forced Air Performance Turbocharger Systems and Component's

NEW !!!! Dodge Neon 420 A & Eclipse 2nd Gen 420 A Fuel System Upgrade Diagram

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Below pictured is a upgraded fuel system for the Dodge Neon 420A SOHC and DOHC Vehicles all years and the 2nd Generation Eclipse NON TURBO 420A engine Fuel System Upgraded Fuel system

 Notice on the diagram this system has a fuel return line,I have had alot of people argue that the return needs to start on the oposite end of the fuel rail but that is UNTRUE !! the return line starting point does not matter as long as the system retains a given fuel pressure (example 55 PSI)setting in the system before the actual point of lower pressure return located after the FMU (Fuel Management Unit or knoiwn as Riseing Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator) the ammount of fuel and the pressure of the fuel delivered will not be effected no matter where the return starts,

Fuel System Diagram / With Return line!!


The component list for this system is as follows
1)External Fuel Pump (EFI / Walboro or equivilent Hi Pressure) $110.00 plus shipping
2) Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator / $ 35.00 plus shipping
3) FMU / Fuel management Unit / Riseing Rate Fuel Pressure Regulator $85.00 Plus shipping
4) 2 - 6ft lengths of 5/16 Steel Fule/Brake line & Coupling or a 12 ft length of aluminum Fuel Line
5) About 6-Ft of Rubber EFI Fuel Hose and Clamps( full circle nut and bolt type clamps are preferred to avoid clamp failure!!
7) 1 brass 5/16 "Tee" / or even multiple assembled Brass fittings made into a " Tee" will do perfectly
Now except for the fuel line/rubber hose and Tee all of these items can easily be purchased from numerous different Vendors on e bay, the average price is listed after each component above , now if you own a neon with the plastic fuel tank you must drill a  hole in the filler neck ypou want to drill it atleast 6 inches ABOVE the highest level that the tank can be filled to so fuel isnt ever sitting in the connection of the return line
(filler neck/where you put in the gas,the large diameter steel pipe leading to the gas tank from the inlet on the quasrter panel)
(if inserting a brass/aluminum or steel fitting use an appropriate drill bit and tap to install fitting)
If you choose to and you use a steel fuel return line you can simply weld or braze the fuel line to the filler neck,it is best if you insert the fuel return line into the filler neck atleast 5 or 7 inches inside it and facing twards the tank inlet or DOWN so the fuel is directed into the tank and not where the filler neck filler inlet is located.
Now  if you do not have the option to use a fitting on the tube to connect the return line do not worry here are a couple other ways to attach the return line to the filler neck
, if you are useing aluminum tubing or copper you will need to use some sort of gas tank sealing epoxy or repair epoxy and after that has completely dried use JB weld as a extra precautionary measure where GAS is concerned you can never be to cautious
If you do not understand the retrn system please e mail us at
or call us at
715 297 3971
I would be happy to explain the system in detail so you completely understand how it works and how to fabricate it properly, the actual total cost of upgrading the fuel system is a fraction of most electronic devices that add fuel,this is a simple MECHANICAL system that will work the sme every time without change, on a system you intend on running say a 10 or 12 PSI Max boost pressure setting  I would recommend a 10 to 1 or a 12 to 1 ratio FMU setting when you order the FMU, this way you can most likely not need to purchase bigger fuel injectors but ALWAYS monitor your  A/F Ratio and EGT Gagues while under boost when you first set up this system so any adjustments or addition of fuel can be performed before damage occurs
(fuel needs change depending on SIZE of the actual turbo used you should ALWAYS install an Air Fuel Ratio Gague and an Exhaust Gas Tem Gague or also known as an EGT Gagiue,this will aloow you to monitor the fuel mixture and temp of the exhaust in order to prevent prmature engine component failure under boost and a lean fuel mixture condition)
 And again Please feel free to contact us reguarding anything about the fuel system upgrade or any other questions or comments you may have, we are always happy to be able to help out and to hear any suggestions about what you like or wnt to see added to the site.
thanks and as always please be safe always use jack stands,never work alone and ALWAYS ALWAYS use the correct tool for the job, misuse of tools can result in personal injury or even death